Raysa was my Nutrionist for over four months at Nautilus Plus at Place Ville Marie in Montreal (Canada). With her knowledge of nutrition and her in-depth understanding of the behaviours that accompany the habits of eating, she helped me like no one else ever could. Thanks to Raysa’s coaching and patience, I was able to change my eating habits, lose weight and feel great about myself. All this without ever feeling deprived. Raysa is a wonderful person who demonstrates a level of maturity that is beyond her years. I greatly recommend her!

Ms. Allard 

I strongly recommend Raysa, she is a strong nutritionist and a great person. I accomplished great results with her collaboration. Not only she knows a lot about the nutrition science, but she's also a great motivational coach and a warm person. I felt she really cared about my success in the program I was following - she was as happy and excited as I every time I reached or surpassed planned milestones. 

She explains nutrition in a simple and practical way, adapting the plan and program to our personal lives. What I learned from her will stay with me for always. 

Mr. Rego

Madame, monsieur,

La présente est pour confirmer que j’ai eu le privilège de profiter du professionnalisme, des compétences, de la disponibilité et de l’extrême gentillesse de Raysa Buyukbahar dans le cadre du programme Transform de Nautilus Plus à Montréal.

Raysa a su me transmettre des connaissances et me prodiguer d’excellents conseils relative a la nutrition, qui, certainement, m’aideront non seulement pour mon objectif de perte de poids, mais également pour maintenir de saines habitudes alimentaires dans le but de m’aider a conserver la santé.

C’est avec toute ma confiance que je n’hésiterais pas à recommander les services de Raysa Buyukbahar


— Ms. Noel

I am 32 years old and I suffer from Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, and I wanted to experiment with physical exercise and a healthy nutrition as a treatment for my condition. I recently gained a lot of weight because of my medication, and I would like to lose it, although initially it wasn’t my main motivation.

I started meeting with my nutritionist, Raysa Buyukbahar, and my personal trainer, in October 2014. Together, we developed personalised nutrition programs. Crohn’s disease is heavily influenced by nutrition and very restrictive, therefore Raysa had to work hard to find healthy foods that would also meet the criteria of a low-residue diet. She researched my condition, and always comes up with good suggestions. During this period, symptoms from both diseases disappeared completely. I feel like I have a new life; I can get out of the house with my family (I have two young sons), I don’t feel sick every day as I used to, and I lost 20 pounds* on top of all this!

Thank you!

— Ms. Shantal